Made by Candlelight

Gill Sumption

“Textile crafts using vintage and new fabrics”

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About Made by Candlelight

Made by Candlelight

99% recycled patchwork, knitting and textiles, made off-grid in a cottage in the North Pennines.

I live in a tiny off-grid cottage in Upper Weardale in the North Pennines, and work with students with autism in an eco-school.

I enjoy soft, cost textures, being outdoors, and I like to spend my early mornings knitting in bed as the sun rises through the bedroom window, and as the sun sets I start sewing patchwork and quilts by the fire. I also like making hot-water bottle covers - essential where we live!

I love traditional folk art, and William Morris style arts and crafts patterns. I also love reusing vintage and loved fabrics, as it's both environmentally friendly and brings new life to beautiful old things - it's storytelling through fabric!

I have two chickens, and would love to have a cat but am waiting to find a chicken-friendly one!