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FirecraftMiniatures....the heart of your Dolls House

Like most boys of the seventies I was very keen on making models ( no internet then of course ) and had a vast collection of boats, tanks and trucks in my bedroom that I had spent hours making and painting to make as realistic as possible, I remember having to save all my pocket money for weeks just to buy a particular kit, money always well spent I always thought !
That in turn developed into making scenery and buildings for the models which helped sharpen my skills in using all sorts of bits and bobs to help create miniature scenes with.This continued into my mid teens until I discovered other things in life that was just as much fun ( girls, music cars etc. ...........mostly girls now i think about it :) . Now i'm in my fifties and happily married with family so i'm finding life has turned full circle and back in 2010 the miniature world opened up again for me

It was back then when I was asked if I could make a dolls house for a friends daughter and everything just seemed to snowball from there. First I made one, then another which sold on Ebay, after a few more sales I then got into trying to make more realistic dolls houses because I thought it would suit my workmanship better but it became to labour intensive and time consuming so then I decided to have a go at creating room boxes as they were smaller. and easier to complete. I still do make the occasional roombox but I I now tend to concentrate on dolls house fireplaces which I think suits my style of craftmanship better.

I have been lucky enough for my work to be featured in several magazines of which titles include the Dolls House & Miniature Scene, The Dollshouse Magazine and the American Miniaturist Magazine over in the US.