Emma Louise Wilson Jewellery

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Emma Louise Wilson Jewellery
Emma Louise Wilson Jewellery

Emma Wilson

“A collection of modern, minimalist jewellery made from silver and vitreous enamel. ”

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About Emma Louise Wilson Jewellery

Emma Louise Wilson Jewellery

Making enamel and silver jewellery from my Glasgow workshop.

I make vitreous enamel and silver jewellery, keeping the designs as simple and minimal as possible to let the beauty of the enamel take centre stage. The jewellery I make is the jewellery I like to wear, simple and elegant easy to wear pieces for everyday with the odd statement piece thrown in for special occasions.

Vitreous enamel has a gorgeous quality to it. It's basically ground glass which is fused to the metal in a very hot kiln. The glass powder melts, flows then hardens to a smooth glossy surface when removed from the kiln and cooled. Like glass, the light will shine through the transparent enamels and reflect off opaque enamel. The colours I mostly use are the colours I see all around me in the sky and sea around Scotland, muted neutral tones of blues, greys and greens.

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