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watson furniture

Creating beautiful things, using wood that I have given a new life

Driftwood Art

The driftwood I use is collected from the north west coast of england & wales.
The wood is washed, dried and checked for banned substances. Once dry, it is used with the minimum amount of cutting and shaping as I believe it should remain as natural as the day I collected it.

The pieces of art I make are unique and no two are the same, these include mirrors, wall & free standing clocks, candelabra’s, table & standard lamps, tea light holders, mood lights & other decorative items.

The ‘mood lights’ are a combined effort with a local glass artist named Ally Noble.
We use fused glass in different colours and shapes and driftwood to make interesting & unique sculptures

Up Cycled Furniture & Home Wares

The wood I use is collected from various places to make up cycled furniture & home wares.
It would normally be taken to a land fill site and re use gives it another lease of life
and reduces the effect on our environment.

The wood is cleaned & checked for banned substances, then cut up or shaped into the many items I make.
These include, coffee tables, wine, gin & whiskey racks, spice racks, table lamps and other decorative items.