By Nikomi

Nikomi Marshall

“Prints, Paintings and Papercuts ”

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About By Nikomi

By Nikomi

Prints, Paintings and Papercuts

Pop facts little about me =)

- I'm a Mancunian and a proud one at that (hence my logo - my interpretation of the Manchester bee!)
- I currently live in a flat within a converted mill in the Rossendale valley with views of hills from all my windows. I have lived in Falmouth, London and of course Manchester
- I love creating things, be it art, craft or photography and it has always been my outlet when I've needed to destress or just stop thinking for a while!
- I am stupidly dog broody and one day WILL have a furry studio helper of my own!
- I love travelling and exploring new places, some of my favourites have been New York, Milan, Skiathos and California
- I drink a lot of tea, eat a lot of cake and try to go to the gym enough to balance it out =)

Now a little more detail...

Coming from a Print making degree, with a love of drawing and painting and more recently paper cutting - my products contain a variety of materials, finishes and design elements. I love simplicity, especially with cards, but at the same time I love detail, so do intricate drawings or paper cuts. I will often go from very simplistic design work to more intricate studies into free flowing mark making and back again. My inspiration varies throughout the year - I'm very influenced by what is going on around me, natural forms, light (especially coloured artificial light) and geometric shapes/patterns. My designs always start with rough sketches in my notebooks, then developed either digitally or straight into whatever medium I'm using at the time. I like to work in mostly monochrome but then add pops of colour to finish things off - but I love colour! I go through phases with them which will reflect in my work over time - I have been semi obsessed with orange and turquoise for quite a while but am slowly transitioning into grey and purple. I have a thing for layers - which stems from my University years. I like to deconstruct shapes/objects and imagery into simpler layers (be it colour or shape etc) and then recreate them in paper or print.

In short, my work and way of working as varied and I hope it will show in my store as time goes on. Creativity wise, I follow what feels right at the time and so my direction can change fairly often. But the fun lies in new paths so this way works best for me =)