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“Hand-Stitched Baby Shoes and Gifts”

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Beautiful items made from fabrics old and new, hand-stitched and embellished with love and all with free U.K. postage. Bespoke orders welcomed.

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Buttons, Beads and Blanket Stitch

Beautifully Hand-Stitched Baby Shoes & Gifts

I have always loved to create; whether as a teenager, when many an hour was spent making clothes on my mum's sewing machine, through to experimenting with painting, drawing and printmaking and ultimately gaining a Fine Art degree.

Fast forward through 10 hectic and rewarding years of Primary School teaching where, now at home with young children, I developed a creative itch!

My urge was to create smaller scale pieces; to try my hand at a more decorative stitching. My first project, back in 2007, was a pair of (at this stage, fairly basic) baby shoes. From there, my work developed and progressed to making and selling an ever growing selection of predominantly hand-stitched items.

As the name of my business ‘Buttons, Beads and Blanket Stitch’ suggests, the vast majority of my pieces feature bead and/or button embellishments; I adore buttons and have tins and tins of them, just waiting to be given a new lease of life by combining with ribbons, fabrics old and new, and the simple beauty of a perfect blanket stitch.

Every piece I create is made entirely by hand, by me. I have a real passion for the handmade and take immense pride in my work and real joy in producing not only beautifully made pieces, but real one-offs. Other people’s work, of course, inspires me, but I take great care to give everything my own twist, starting by always creating my own templates so that from the very onset, the piece is entirely my own.

I am frequently inspired by what I see around me, gathering ideas and pieces of interest to incorporate into a future (planned or as yet unknown) project -pebbles large and small, armfuls of driftwood, pieces of clothing from charity shops to cut up for their fabrics… I am always delighted to receive commissions and pride myself on rising to the occasion, whatever the request!