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Avril Scott Art
Avril Scott Art

“...from a shed near the sea... ”

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Thank you for visiting my little corner of Folksy!

All pieces for sale were originally painted or printed by me in my studio by the sea near Edinburgh.

For wholesale or sale and return enquiries please contact avrilscott@hotmail.com

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About Avril Scott Art

Avril Scott Art

From a shed near the sea...

I am a mixed media artist which means I work with various materials - sometimes all in the same painting!

At present I am exploring the fascinating art of Gyotaku.

Gyotaku (gee-oh-tak-oo) originates from the 1800s when Japanese fishermen would use it as a way of recording their catch. They would paint the fish in a non toxic Sumi ink before printing directly onto rice paper. In this way they could record the exact size and species of the fish.

The word Gyotaku translates from Japanese as Gyo = fish and Taku = print/rubbing.

Gyotaku has now become an art form in its own right and printing from plants and natural materials also comes under the umbrella of gyotaku.

I take several prints from the one fish using traditional ink and paper and when the ink is washed away they are still edible (unless they have been in and out of the freezer a few times!). I am very popular with the local seagulls and cats!

After taking the initial print I usually finish with charcoal for definition and each original gyotaku print is totally unique.

If I do have prints made of the originals they are done professionally using the giclee method.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making it - even if my studio does smell a bit of fish -

(I promise that the finished article doesn't!!)