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“Beautiful & intriguing geometric patterns, hand-sewn to make pictures, cards, notebooks, brooches and DIY kits.”

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Alison McIntyre

I use embroidery thread and card to hand sew beautiful and intriguing geometric patterns for pictures, greetings cards, notebooks and brooches.

I love geometry, colour and patterns so the curve stitching technique, where I use embroidery thread to sew geometric patterns into card appealed to me the moment I came across it. It often feels a bit like magic when you sew a straight line and then end up with a curve in the design. You never quite know what's going to happen until you've finished sewing and I enjoy that level of experimentation and the happy accidents that often transpire.

I have developed the technique from the geometric abstracts to include thread art animals and birds, and have also been commissioned to sew countries, trees and superheros. As long as it has a strong outline I can sew it!

Thanks for visiting my shop, I hope you enjoy it and do get in touch if you have any questions.