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Zo Knit and Sew

Lots of small things on their own are useless but when combined become useful.

I started sewing from a young age and when I was 10 years old my mother bought me a 1919 Singer Treadle sewing machine. I still have it today and it still gets used from time to time. I used to make my own clothes as a teenager and clothes for my children when they were small. I found myself in the job market wondering what I could do. Well, I can knit and I can sew, both self taught, although I did do needlework at school. I belong to my local Arts & Crafts club who hold a monthly craft fair and I decided to make a few bits to see how they went. I was pleased with the results and decided to set up my own business. The name of my business? Well I tell people I am Zo, and I knit and sew! So there we have it, me at my kitchen table at home making the things you see in my shop. I go around to craft fairs so what I have listed is only a small selection of what I make. I am still learning as I go along but I am also doing something that I enjoy. I like to make things that are useful and I like quirky fabric designs. I do a bit of recycling/upcycling from time to time as I don't like waste and like to use fabrics that people don't want anymore because they think the designs are dated. My theory is everything has a use and it can always be used as a lining or in patchwork! Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy browsing my shop.