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“A range of hand printed lino cut cards and prints based on original drawings by the artist.”

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Meadowlark Prints

Original linoprints where everything is done by hand

I always have tons of vague print ideas in my head, but the process really starts when I hit my sketchbook, or a peice of paper I found in the organized chaos that is my work space (this photo of my desk was taken on my tidy-up day). My inspiration often comes from forms found in nature or things I love- music, books, vintage, design,etc- they all have a big influence on what I make. There is always music on in the background- you can sometimes see its influence in my work- as the ideas go back and forth, back and forth between scribbles and drawings until I find something I'm happy with.

The final images are transfered to lino block then hand carved, inked up with ink I mix up myself and printed. The whole process is done by hand as I believe this gives each print its unique character and texture. The printing process is not always plain sailing as things can go wrong for all sorts of reasons- sometimes it only takes a peice of fluff or the cat to take too close an interest- to ruin the whole thing. Then you just have to have a break with a cup of tea to calm yourself down before carrying on.