A Whale of A Time

Amy Martin

“Whale and Dolphin items with 10% of proceeds going to Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC)”

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About A Whale of A Time

A Whale of A Time

I create whale, dolphin and ocean-themed items to inspire people to take care of our oceans and its creatures

I live in Glastonbury and work in Wells, and I love these two beautiful places!

I volunteer for our local Friends of the Earth group, and we are currently working on many projects including Plastic Free Glastonbury; bee pollination in Somerset and supporting climate change groups. We are hosting film nights monthly, and we recently showed Albatross: a story about the affect of ocean plastic on the Pacific albatrosses.

I am an ocean-lover and diver, a traveller of the world (the pictures I have created include my own travel photos). Everything I create has one thing in mind: to celebrate the Earth and her diverse inhabitants. 10& of proceeds of this shop will go to Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WCD) uk.whales.org

Thank you and best eco-wishes