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“A colourful collection of quirky, one of a kind embroidered homeware and accessories”

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Hello and welcome to my shop! I hope you enjoy browsing my range of embroidered textile art.

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Quirky and cute illustrative textile art and accessories.

Hello and welcome to Velveteen!

I grew up sketching and painting and I think was always destined to pursue a life creating things. I studied Textile Design (quite) a while back and from then I was hooked on all things fabric. I love to draw, paint, print and stitch on it. I taught myself free hand machine embroidery because I could sketch in thread and my Velveteen adventure began.

I work in the smallest room in the house creating textile art, purse and home accessories. I use my sewing machine just like a pencil. I love using my imagination and I’m also very inspired by children’s literature, songs, rhymes, tea and biscuits. I love to use the prettiest, most colourful fabrics around mixing pattern with plain. My style is definitely cute and quirky with lots of fun thrown in.