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“Eco-Friendly, Upcycled Jewellery intended to connect you to the past and celebrate UK Heritage...”

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Thanks for stopping by! I've recently moved my shop to Folksy from another online site and am so excited to be here! I love to do bespoke pieces using my own or your own unearthed shards!! So if you see something you love but prefer bespoke, feel free to contact me!

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Unearthed by Lynn

Inspired by the UK's Industrial History, Unearthed Jewellery upcycles unearthed shards of pottery, sea glass, and iron slag into one-of-a-kind, environmentally-conscious jewellery, connecting you to the land and story of where the shard came from.

Hi! Thanks for visiting Unearthed by Lynn! Want to know a little more?

Half Canadian, half British, I was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada to a British-born father who travelled to Canada with my war-bride grandmother.

An active Gold Member of the Guild of British Jewellery Designers, I have designed and made silver jewellery since 2000. Whilst my collections have differed over the years, they have a common thread - an eclectic union of new and old. A few years after earning my degree in Business, I yearned to learn something more creative and began the Jewellery Art and Design Program with Vancouver Community College. I began making jewellery that combined antique beads, sterling silver and broken jewellery.
Little did I know life had exciting plans for me - I moved to the UK when I was 30. After moving to the UK, I started a collection of pottery shards found in my garden, which quickly expanded. It wasn't long before my love for this collection merged with my love of jewellery making. My first two pieces used a broken shard from my grandmother's heirloom pottery and the first shard I found on the Common in Stone; the idea for Unearthed was officially born.

Inspired by the UK's Industrial Heritage, I unearth discarded man-made materials, such as pottery shards, sea glass and iron slag re-tell the stories of past craftsmen. I want to challenge people to look at discarded material in a new way, and through wearing it and passing along its story, I intend to ground you in connection.... to a person, a place or a memory. When you purchase a piece of Unearthed Jewellery, you also receive the provenance that has been uncovered....where it was unearthed, what it was from, and more.
Not the right size or colour? Have your own shard? Please visit www.unearthedbylynn.com to ask about commissioning your own piece of Unearthed Jewellery.