The Thread Shed

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The Thread Shed
The Thread Shed

Teresa Davies

“Homewares, accessories & gifts made with care from reclaimed fabrics and yarns.”

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The Thread Shed

I make lovely, unique, earth-friendly things from textiles and yarns, from bags to blankets

Hi, I'm Teresa.
I love to craft but am also passionate about not adding unnecessarily to landfill, so my crafts are made from reclaimed, found and donated materials where ever possible. I've made lots of different things, but what I am most known for are my bags. There are people in my village who tell me they can recognise one of my bags by its distinctive look.

The Thread Shed is named after the shed where I store my materials. It's a 10' x 10' chalet-style wooden shed which stands in our back garden. It used to be in the front garden until my son had a house built there!