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“Gorgeous Rocking Sheep and Rocking Lambs as seen on the BBC and ITV. Hand made in Wales - loved Worldwide”

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The Rocking Sheep Company

Gorgeous Rocking Sheep and Rocking Lambs, as seen on the BBC and ITV. Hand made in Wales, UK. - loved Worldwide.

Back in the early 90's I was living in the heart of Welsh sheep country near Bala in Gwynedd and wondered why anyone hadn't really 'gone to town' on making toy rocking sheep. We all know how sheep and lambs appear in children's books and nursery rhymes so I thought it would be a good idea to make a rocking sheep. I set about making a prototype and took it to show local craft businesses and business agencies to see what their reaction was. I was delighted at how positive everyone was!
I then set out to make my designs the best quality possible, and now following many years of development and testing, I now have a range of Sheep and Lamb styles (a whole flock in fact!) and have found many loving homes all around the globe, from the US to Japan and Scotland to Australia.