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“Decorative handmade creations for you to cherish”

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About The Fancy Edge

The Fancy Edge

I design and craft decorative handmade creations for you to cherish.

Hello and welcome,
I’m Cherie, the crafter and designer for The Fancy Edge shop
The Fancy Edge has evolved from my love of crafting and the process of designing and making things. I love discovering and learning new crafts and enjoy a variety of creative interests. I love photography, painting, paper craft, pyrography and crochet to name but a few. My items are handcrafted, from a variety of different materials, and my main passion and inspiration at present lies in designing and hand sewing decorative accessories using fabric. I use newly sourced, up-cycled and digitally designed and printed fabric.
Inspiration can strike me at any time and from anything and I either reach for my sketchpad and start drawing out different ideas or I choose a fabric and start shaping and cutting.
I provide an ever-expanding range of decorative handmade and lovingly crafted accessories and creations, all to unique and mainly 'one off' designs. My shop therefore has an eclectic mix of items which I hope you enjoy on your browse through.
Thank you for taking the time to visit and if you have any inquiries please email me.