The Book Case

Pippa Mac

“Fine stationery ... every day luxuries!”

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I marble papers for my own use but occasionally have extra papers available for scrap bookers and crafters. Please contact me if you're interested in buying marbled paper.

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About The Book Case

The Book Case

I am totally passionate about paper and all the things that can be made from it: the top of that list for me is books!

I have always written: I’m a word magpie - single words, married pairs, families of phrases; lists and more lists, the beginnings of stories; quotes and eavesdrops and other people’s sparkling lines overheard in public places. I kept these gems on paper scraps and used envelopes; in back ends of diaries and old exercise books.
A long time ago I took a writing course as I thought that’s what I wanted to do: write stories. But writing stories didn’t make me happy: I didn’t finish my first one and the other start-ups of stories stay just beginnings. But I did learn something very important from that failure and it is that my passion is books. So I took a paper course and learned how to work with paper, putting it together to make a book. And making books makes me happy … so that’s what I do: I make the sorts of books I love to put my words in (I’m still a word magpie) and I think of them as treasure chests, a wealth of words. And I make sketchbooks that my artist husband, Miles, loves to sketch in – he has a wealth of sketches and drawings in his treasure chests.
I now offer you the books I love to make so you too may give your words, drawings, notes, recipes and lists their own treasure chests.

Miles and I live in St. Asaph, North Wales with our 2 cats. We moved there in 2017 and it took us the whole of a summer to renovate an outbuilding which is now our warm and bright studio. We also set up a small gallery/gift shop in our front room. You can find the shop online at and we have a Facebook page and an Instagram account. If you're ever in the area do stop by to say hello.
You can find out more about us on our website and our Wordpress blog.
I opened my Folksy shop on the 29th March 2018.

I recycle materials when I can or use sustainable components like FSC certified, acid-free papers, acid-free boards, mock suede and psuedo leather - every book is pure vegan! (I’m passionate about animals too!)