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About TangleCrafts


Upcycled Postage Stamp Art & Gifts

Welcome to the world of TangleCrafts - a constant evolution of ideas, by Su Mwamba!

I’ve dabbled in all kinds of arts and crafts over the years, but the recurring themes of colour and mail art eventually led me to the happy discovery of collage with upcycled vintage postage stamps. This in turn has led to the creation of an ever-evolving range of colourful, eclectic and bohemian gift ideas, perfect for writers, travellers, philatelists, penpals and beyond.

Postage stamps are tiny, disposable fragments of history. The rescued stamps I use in my collages are all vintage (pre-1980), but of little value to collectors - torn, creased, or just too common. But their faded colours provide the perfect palette for my 'imaginary landscapes' & I love the sense of preserving something so ephemeral within the creation of something new. I don’t know much about philately, and I will never know the roads a particular stamp has travelled, from one hand to another. But what I love is that through my collages, the forgotten stories of these tiny fragments of history will continue to evolve.

In addition to the inherent character & old world charm of vintage stamps, I simply enjoy playing with colour: the stamps are my paintbox, blending together to build each artwork. Each collage grows organically, often in directions I don’t anticipate - a process which I enjoy immensely. (You can read more about my collage process here: https://tanglecrafts.wordpress.com/process/)

Custom orders and commissions are always welcome. I have collaged many notebooks and journals in custom colourways or with stamps from particular regions, not to mention a whole set of collage menu holders for a local restaurant, flyers for a deli, and original craft projects for magazines. Whatever your requirements - whether you would like an alternative colour scheme or a particular date stamp or a bespoke gift made from scratch - just ask! I will always be happy to help, if I can. :)

Please visit the TangleCrafts blog for more info, work in progress, ideas & random thoughts!
Regular updates can also be found in my twitter feed - please follow @TangleCrafts :)