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“Handmade accessories inspired by vintage fashion”

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Tricot Treats by Helen Dey

Unique handmade items inspired by vintage pieces and historic accessories.

I love to visit haberdashery shops and seek them out wherever I go. I hunt for unusual buttons, pieces of lace or ribbon and I sometimes use these in my work. My studio is bursting at the seams but I can't stop, it's an obsession.

I have a passion for lace and, although I can't make it, I have tried my hand at lacy knit and crochet stitches. They are absorbing to work on and I love the delicacy.

I have recently taken an interest in 16th and 17th century portraits and the accessories depicted in them, I find it fascinating that the embellishment of garments was so intricate, just so for men and women, obviously these were for the richer clients but the work that went into them, often done for little reward, was phenomenal.

I work in my studio by the sea, I take a lot of time over my knits and use the best quality yarns that I can practically use.
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