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Silver & Copper jewellery made in a happy untidy studio.

Diane Lee
Working as a jewellery maker, I use traditional metalsmithing skills mixing silver, copper, minerals and glass to create forms and textures inspired by nature and narratives.

I create jewellery that is more than something ‘pretty’ to wear. It has significance to the owner and is interwoven with stories known to the wearer, hidden to the viewer. This jewellery is for individuals, every piece created with passion & integrity. I prefer to use handmade beads, both Murano and Artizan.

I came to jewellery making whilst working as a horticultural designer. Becoming increasingly frustrated at the commercialization imposed by the supermarkets we supplied, I needed to find an unrestricted channel for my creativity. Making the jewellery allowed me not only this indulgence, but also to experience the deep satisfaction of working with my hands.

A blow to my confidence came when just before Christmas in 2005, I was made redundant and as a single mother of two small children faced the prospect of trying to support the three of us without a regular income. Taking control of my future I found work waitressing to try to keep bit of money coming in whilst I set up my business. It was tough, but we got through it, managed and learned from the experience.

The jewellery business was started with £18. Each time I sold a piece I bought more materials, then tools and equipment. It funded me through college and in 2011 I completed my BA Hons Jewellery.

It’s jewellery, it’s pretty but it represents tenacity, endurance and strength.