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“Stunning Accessories To Wear With Confidence & Integrity. Designed & hand crafted in Scotland.”

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Selkie Crafts

Stunning accessories you can wear with confidence & integrity.

Stunning bespoke designs hand crafted in the breathtaking Scottish countryside. Even the beautiful gift boxes are carefully designed & hand crafted.
• Jewellery
• Tiaras & Hair Vines
• Bridal/Wedding hair accessories
• Dream Catchers
• Home décor

We express our own personal style through fashion, but the fashion industry makes women feel inadequate. I want to boost women’s’ self-confidence by creating items that express their unique style with beautifully crafted, stunning pieces. Confidence is not my strong point, that’s why I believe it’s SO important (even for shy introverts like myself), to have jewellery you can wear with confidence.

Weddings take this principle to the limit! Do you dread that moment EVERYONE is looking at you? Well fear not! I will work with you to design & create stunning designs that you will be proud to wear, for all to see. Your wedding is one of the only days you can have everything exactly how you want it. If you want to ditch the pearls & rhinestones for a rainbow colour tiara - you go girl! I’ll have such fun designing that for you!

My 5 core values of Selkie Crafts:
• Everyone is beautiful in their own way.
• Nature is beautiful.
• Protect the environment.
• Sustainability should be the norm.
• Happiness is more than money.

Hand crafted is special. It means someone like me is following their dream; hoping someone like you will love it enough to support that dream. Buying handmade supports real people & local businesses; your money won’t just line the pocket of faceless organisations mass-producing tat, with dubious human rights & environmental policies.

I aim to be environmentally responsible and ethical in all my crafting. I still have a long way to go but I do:
• Re-use postage packaging
• Use every inch of paper before recycling it
• Work in my home studio & walk to post all orders (less emissions than driving)
• Constantly look for ethical & sustainable materials

I always loved crafting but persuaded by better career prospects, I trained as an Ecologist. Over a decade later, with an MSci in Ecology & Scientific Diver qualifications, I could no longer escape my love of craft. Settled in the wild landscape of Argyll, I launched head-first off the cliff into self-employment. I’m still finding out how to fly!

As a trained ecologist I am heavily inspired by natures beautiful, elegant & natural forms; but as a SCUBA diver I also prize practicality.

My business name & logo celebrates my Selkie lifestyle as a keen SCUBA diver. Selkies are mythical Scottish creatures that look like seals in the sea, but on land shed their skin to become beautiful women. It is said that if a man steals the Selkies seal skin she will remain faithful to him but long to return to the sea. If her skin is returned, she will disappear to the sea and never be seen again.