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“Unique wire, gemstone, pearl and crystal jewellery”

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Welcome to Rhiannon Rose Jewellery. I offer a range of different types of jewellery from beading to wire wrapping to wire weaving to ... whatever takes my fancy! I'm currently playing with patinas and etching copper.
If you see something that you like, but you want it changed, contact me - I'm more than happy to discuss what I can do for you. I can change colours, size, length, clasps, packaging, type of ear wire and many more.

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Wire, gemstones and shiny crystal: I love them all!

I'm a mathematician by trade, which surprises many people, but my interest in jewellery comes from a fascination with geometry. I blame my parents for getting me interested in mathematical shapes from an early age, along with a love of shiny pebbles. When I was small, I badgered them to buy me a rock tumbler (I still don't have one).

I like to work with wire and to create new patinas on copper in all sorts of odd ways. My two gorgeous cats prefer it when I create items with beads, as there's always thread to chase and the occasional bead to skitter across the floor. My ginger cat likes to sleep in my craft room and supervise the work closely.