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Raven's Stained Glass
Raven's Stained Glass

Christine McKnight

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About Raven's Stained Glass

Raven's Stained Glass

I turn sheets of coloured glass into beautiful decorations for your home!

My name is Christine, but I much prefer Chrissy and I am the owner, designer, maker, cleaner, coffee maker and general dogsbody at Raven's Stained Glass.

I started my journey into stained glass in 2011 when I wanted a purple glass candle holder and I couldn't find one I liked so I figured it couldn't be too difficult and after buying a few basic tools and some glass I set to work. My initial attempt was a painful experience what with glass cuts and me accidentally grabbing my soldering iron when it slipped but I prevailed and eventually I managed to make my candle holder in two shades of purple glass.

Since then I have developed my own style and I thoroughly enjoy making beautiful pieces of stained glass works. I am particularly fond of stars, Christmas decorations and terrariums for Air Plants.