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Hi everyone, I am Cecilia and I live in the heart of beautiful Gloucestershire - such a picturesque place to live with countryside all around and the bustling city of Gloucester and its historic docks and stunning cathedral just a stone's throw away. Well, with all this luscious scenery around me it's no wonder that I am so inspired to get creating. When I hand knit my little baby outfits, I choose nature's colours from the garden like the deep russets and fern greens of Autumn and the vivid blues, pinks and crimson of Spring flowers. And when sitting in my garden sewing, as I often do when I get a quiet moment, the aromatic purple and blue lavender, deep violet buddleia and sweet lilac fill the air with the sweet scents of Summer and I love to convey this essence of nature in my handmade Summer bags and pretty little baby dresses and bows. And where did the name @RavenRagbags come from you might ask? Well, from my love of birds great and small and my passion for creating bags of all shapes, sizes, colour and hue of course! So please enjoy browsing through this small selection of what @RavenRagbags has to offer and rest assured that whatever item you choose, it has been lovingly designed and created as a one-off RavenRagbags original! I hope to meet some of my lovely customers at one of the many craft fayres round and about Gloucestershire soon. If you can't find what you want, please message me for different sizes or colours and I will be happy to help!