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About RG Pens

RG Pens

I create some of the highest quality and unique pens in the UK.

My passion is creating pens that are the best you can buy, maybe not the cheapest but no corners cut or expence spared in making these fine writing instruments. The same attention to detail and quality goes into every pen that comes out of my workshop, from a humble ballpoint to an extravagant fountain pen. I work from home with my workshop being at the top of the garden. This is fantastic for the daily commute and coffee breaks whenever I choose. Now in my fifth year making pens, RG Pens has come so far from making inexpensive wooden ballpoints for a hobby to exploring the realms of fully custom pens, casting and coming up with new techniques. Where it,ll all end, who knows. As long as I keep coming up with new ideas and enjoying what I do then it,ll keep growing.