Ryan's Weird Zoo

Ryan S. Thomason

“Lino-prints, t-shirts, and bags”

Shop Announcement:

Welcome to Ryan's Zoo, the weirdest zoo that ever zubbed. I've collected angry octopods, savage haggises, shouty flumbas and a whole bunch of other critters that I've gathered up with my collecting submarine and timeboat. I've gotten an egg too, I'm almost entirely sure whatever is inside won't bite me too much. Right?

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About Ryan's Weird Zoo

Ryan's Weird Zoo

I mash the funnest critters on to t-shirts and bags.

I started the Weird Zoo because I believe everyday things should be fun. Working in my kitchen with my very own fencepost press, I mash my own designs onto 100% cotton t-shirts and organic cotton short-handled shopping bags. As every piece is hand-inked and manually pressed, each one is a little unique, making for a very special gift.