Pipistrelle Design

Pipistrelle Design

“I am a maker of patterned illustrations and ceramic entities, inspired by nature's most weird and wonderful”

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About Pipistrelle Design

Pipistrelle Design

Hi there, I'm Pipistrelle, a maker of patterned illustrations and ceramic entities to wear or to use or just to gaze at, inspired by nature's most weird and wonderful.

I grew up in South Wales and am now based in Bristol, where I work from my home (when my cat hasn't claimed the surface areas!) and at the fantastic Maze Studios Pottery in Bristol. I have a fine art background with a specialism in printmaking, but find I can express my love of all things weird and wonderful in nature better through illustration and ceramics.

I design and make unique and decorative but functional ceramic homeware and one of a kind porcelain jewellery. I also create patterned ink drawings with watercolour that I sell as limited edition prints. I love to combine these two disciplines by printing my illustrations on decal paper and hand applying them to ceramic forms.

I re-kindled my love of playing with clay by attending classes at Maze Studios in Bristol and 5 years later I'm still hooked! I enjoy using clay as it's so tactile with infinite possibilities, there's always something new to learn! I make most of my work from porcelain as I love the creamy glassy texture of it once it's fired. I use traditional pottery techniques such as hand building, sculpting and throwing on the potters wheel to create decorative and functional artworks, and finish using a variety of glazes, oxides and lustres.

Inspired by natural history illustration and museum collections, as well as ornate and decorative artwork such as Indian miniature painting, I draw the creatures in nature that fascinate me. Often focusing on underwater life, I create intricate and realistic but highly patterned and stylized pen and watercolour illustrations, sometimes with a fantastical edge!

And why you ask, am I called Pipistrelle? No it's not my real name, it's actually a family nickname! Due to my miniature stature, I have become Pipistrelle from the tiny Pipistrelle bat!

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed making it!

Please get in touch for enquiries about customised pieces, commissions and illustrative design work.