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Parchment and Purl

Maker and creator of nostalgically inspired Homeware and accessories in crochet, fabric and yarn.

Wife and Mum to two Boys now in their twenties I live in a very masculine world. My haven is my lovely little loft studio crafting space. I am surrounded with fabric, yarn and notions and it is here that I am able to let my creativity run wild. My lovely cat Betty loves to help me and is my constant companion upstairs.

As a child I was patiently taught to knit by my Aunty Madge, taught to sew by my Mum and taught to be creative by my wonderful Nanna. It seemed such as natural progression for me to move from making as a hobby to selling my crafts.

I live very close to the sea and this is always an inspiration to me, the changing colours of the ocean and sky and the all the sea life give me with an ever changing colour palette.

Every piece in my shop is unique and will never be duplicated. So buying from me you will be assured that no-one else will have exactly the same accessory or piece of homeware as you. Invest in Individuality.

Thanks very much.

Parchment and Purl