Owls Acre Studio

Maggie Goodsell

“Original paintings for sale, free UK postage”

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About Owls Acre Studio

Owls Acre Studio

I like to 'create' whether it be arts & crafts or making a new irrigation system for our business

I have drawn & painted from a very early age. I come from a very practical family - friends tell me that they used to love coming to my childhood home as there was always something happening.
I work in a very cluttered studio which I keep meaning to tidy or I work on the sofa. If not painting or drawing I try to have knitting, crochet or embroidery on the go.
I have always been drawn to painting flowers but keep trying to push myself with other subjects. I am currently Chairman of our local art society and have introduced several challenges a year to push the members to try other things but it also means I make myself try them as well.
Many artists seem to have a 'helpful' cat but sadly due to allergies & work commitments we have no pets. Our last 'pet' was a duck who reached the grand old age of 18.