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“Jewellery that’s made by the sea”

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About Out of Cornwall

Out of Cornwall

Jewellery made by the sea

I love to be by the ocean, it doesn’t really matter where or why, Just by the ocean is good for me.

I love coastal walking and have walked nearly the entire Cornish coast path (about 15 miles to do!). I love the drama of the north coast, the remoteness of Lands End and the inlets and sheltered coves of the south coast.

If I had to pick a favourite beach activity then it would have to be scouring out of the way coves with Alfie, my 3 year old boarder terrier, looking for sea glass and driftwood.

From this my sea glass and driftwood jewellery is born and I love nothing more than seeing a piece of sea glass that has been collected on one of my local beaches turned into a necklace or a pair of earrings.

I also really enjoy stamped jewellery, I love taking something that has little or no meaning and turning it into something that is personal and precious. And if I am truthful, I really thrive on the wonderful comments and emails that people send when they have received their special purchases.

So that’s me, and why I do what I do. I hope it resonates with you and maybe even prompts you to take a look around my store.