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“Hand embroidered Mid-century inspired jewellery and accessories. Welcome to my brand new collection. Wall hangings are coming soon!”

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Nook of the North

Mid-century inspired jewellery made using thread, brass, gold and leather.

Hello, my name is Becca and I work from a studio in our home in a small village near Leeds in Yorkshire, under the name Nook of the North.

I make jewellery inspired by the shapes and linear forms of mid-century design and patterns. I also take inspiration from the collections of textiles and ceramics in the museum that I work part time in.

I have a degree in Fine Art which enabled me to experiment using different mediums. I have always loved the art of embroidery, but it wasn't until I wanted to edge some fabric I had bought on my travels, that I discovered the technique I use today. I also enjoy more traditional forms of jewellery making such as silversmithing. I like to combine these techniques to create unique pieces of jewellery.

I am passionate about craftsmanship and aim to create objects that convey the care and attention that has gone into them.