Tony Partington

“Sir Digby Nevermoor's Bloomin' Horrors”


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(100% positive from 6 reviews)

    Reviewed by Kirsty

    Got all 3 now IT, Freddy and now pinhead to my collection, happy with all 3!

    Reviewed by Nat

    Easy process and fast delivery.
    Item looks well made and sturdy and I’m sure the recipient of my gift will love it!

    Reviewed by Kirsty

    I previously bought a pin head one at for the love of horror convention they had some great stuff , the Freddy one had sold out so I bought it on line and it’s as expected Really good, will be buying more stuff!

    Reviewed by Bjorn1604

    Awesome piece for the collection. Verry happy with this one. Thank you verry much!!!!

    Reviewed by sanibelspirit

    Brilliant! The plant was lovely, the transaction was perfect and it arrrived very quickyl. Thank you!

    Reviewed by tochard

    Awesome magnet, still standing and scaring, feed me Seymour! Gets many a compliment, thanks again and sorry about the delay with feedback not used folksy in a while.

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