Michelle Solomon

“Handmade Creations”

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About MollyMoochins


Welcome To Molly Moochins

Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm from Cheshire.

The name Molly Moochins came about when I was struggling to think a shop name so I used an online anagram generator. I knocked a couple of letters off, added a Y and voila ... Molly Moochins.

I've had a passion for crafting since I was a child and have made numerous things over the years. I usually give my items as gifts or donate to school fairs and this is the first time that I've decided to open an online shop.
My items are all handmade usually at my dining table. My patterns generally start of as quick doodles while I'm binge watching some rubbish on Netflix. Inspiration can come from anywhere. At the moment I adore Boston Terriers having not long brought home our own puppy (he's wanting a cuddle now as I type)