Mojo & the Maker

Sarah Jane Whittaker

“Beautiful unfussy jewellery, for women who know that natural and organic is best”

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About Mojo & the Maker

Mojo & the Maker

Beautifully Unique Handmade Sterling Silver Jewellery Made in Britain

Hello *waves* - I’m Sarah Jane Whittaker, the maker at Mojo & the Maker. I make small editions of beautiful, ethical and wearable demi-fine jewellery, hand-crafted to reflect your soulful side.

Does mass-produced factory-made sterling silver jewellery often leave you cold, or seem a bit lacking in heart? Me too.

You deserve something better. You deserve organic, tactile, beautiful jewellery, made by hand, that's interestingly-finished. Gentle, beautiful jewellery that speaks about who you really are.

That's what Mojo & the Maker jewellery is all about.

I started working with silver 30 years ago, and ran a contemporary craft gallery, while teaching jewellery-making, for several years. This means two things - first, I’m sadly not as young as I look - and secondly you can be confident that your beautiful jewellery has definitely been made with decades of expertise.

I’ve always been a details person - even when I was a kid, my mother used to roll her eyes, calling me a perfectionist. Many years ago, before I was a jeweller, I worked as a meticulous lawyer, so it’s no surprise that I make absolutely sure that every piece of Mojo & the Maker jewellery is just so, before it’s sent on its way to you.

Jewellery is a very personal thing. Call me an old hippie if you like (though Woodstock was before my time), but it seems to me that a handmade piece of jewellery, designed from the heart and made with love and care, carries something extra and inexplicable with it. Maybe it’s the feelings-turned-into-silver that each piece I make represents, or the hours of careful work at the jeweller’s bench, constantly handling the metal as it’s worked on, refining it until its beauty beckons you closer. Once you start wearing your new jewellery next to your skin, it’ll start to feel almost like it’s part of you, so the ethos of its making is important (don’t wear your jewellery in bed, though - follow my jewellery care tips).

So I make feel-good jewellery, with skill, care and love, in a thoughtful way. As well as tactile interesting surfaces, nature-inspired patterns, organic shapes, and contrasting finishes, I use recycled silver or ecosilver wherever I can. Mining isn’t great for the planet, or for many of those who work in the industry - surprisingly, using recycled silver costs more, but I think it’s well worth it.

There’s only one of me (I can almost hear my oh-so-hilarious husband saying ‘thank goodness’) and my jewellery is crafted by hand, so it’s only ever going to be available in limited quantities. As a result, when you choose jewellery from this website, you can feel confident you’re getting unique and thoughtful designs, handmade the traditional way, made even more special by being scarce. Possibly even the Antiques Roadshow finds of the future - who knows?

Attention to detail, underpinned by creativity and vision, carries right through to Mojo & the Maker’s packaging, designed to produce maximum excitement when it’s opened. Your jewellery arrives stylishly gift-boxed, with extra little flourishes inside - I love that our inner box liners give you just a hint of what’s inside, before the big reveal - that brilliant moment when you get to hold your new piece of jewellery for the first time, cementing your love for it.

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Sarah Jane x