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The Cosy Daisy by Melsey

I love turning fabric into buntings and balls of wool into tea cosies, if it has a daisy on it so much the better.

In my element, it would be a spring day, pretty fabrics, sewing in the garden with the roses in bloom. I specialise in buntings, be it for a Wedding, party, or a nursery, the colour requests have been at times strange along the way but they turn out just fine. Knitting is my evening work, best in winter in front of the fire, if I can find an excuse to put a large Daisy on them even better.

I started making items from a young age, fuelled by my Brownie knitting badge (my very first badge) and a Christmas gift of my own child size sewing machine. I had a great teacher in my Mum and inspiration from my Gran's who both loved to knit a think or two.