Manic Minotaur

Manic Minotaur

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About Manic Minotaur

Manic Minotaur

I love to colour in! Here is some work in progress.

Manic Minotaur was created by University of Brighton illustration graduate Scott Nellis - a lone crusader on a quest to make your eyes happy.

I love to create highly-detailed drawings. Drawings I can fall into and explore, sometimes getting lost (not in a bad way).

Lots of my work starts off as a doodle which I transform into larger line drawings. I colour using felt tip pens or scan my work in and colour using Photoshop.

My tool kit ranges from fineliners to fat markers, paint pens and spray cans, as well as my trusty computer.

I'm inspired by music, travel, retro computer games and the town I live in - Brighton.

Happy viewing!