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Laura Long Printmaker
Laura Long Printmaker

Laura Long

  • United Kingdom

“Art for adventurers, calming landscapes that fire up your passion to explore...”

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About Laura Long Printmaker

Laura Long Printmaker

Art for adventurers, calming landscapes that fire up your passion to explore...

Hello! I’m Laura, a Yorkshire lass of the excitable kind. Landscape, tiny details, pattern, trees, bees and lots of other things make me pull silly faces like this one.

My artwork is inspired by long hikes in the wilderness, exploring hard climbs that often stray from the marked footpaths. That sense of awe, the power of nature to stop you in your tracks when it’s just you and the mountain. My artworks recreate that sense of calm and stillness, and I hope they inspire you to go out on your own adventures.

I originally trained as an architect, then lost my way and ended up in accounting of all places.. I then quit my corporate job in 2011 in search of a more creative career. I discovered the wonder of traditional printmaking at Leeds College of Art. I was drawn to the slow but satisfying process of preparing a plate, inking it up and the magical moment when you lift the paper off the press.

I enjoy storytelling and make the occasional posh comic and handbound books. When I'm not printmaking, I can be found out in the hills, rock climbing, or contorting my body into strange shapes at yoga.