Knot Unknot

Madeleine Shepherd

“Knit, felt, weave, print, stitch, dye - and sometimes maths!”

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About Knot Unknot

Knot Unknot

Wool-tangler extrordinaire - felting, hand and machine knitting & stitching all in the name of art and science!

I have been designing and making jewellery and textiles since 1980 and taking photographs since the 1960s. In all these activities you can see my interests in textures, mathematical processes, scientific illustration and science fiction showing through. I've studied maths, life and earth sciences, feltmaking, textile techniques, botanical photography, science communication, printmaking at a variety of levels and often combine more than one in my art work. I also love collaborating with artist and scientists on bigger projects like those listed below.

Exhibits and Activities
2016 ongoing – Cosmonauts& Space Dogs; Victorian Scientists; Knitting Mathematics
series of knitted wall hangings and fashion accessories created on hacked knitting machine

2015 – The knitting wheel of fortune
collection of randomised design scarves. Design decisions taken by public at drop in events

2014 – Knitted Neuraminidase
large scale sculpture of protein molecule commissioned for International Year of Crystallography in Australia

2013-now – Botanica Mathematica (with Julia Collins and Jo Macrae)
mass-participation textile project on maths of growth

2011-12 – The Mathematician’s Shirts (with Julia Collins)
ASCUS Award textile installation embodying mathematical ideas using distorted shirts

2010 – Attack of the Knitted Tentacles (with Carmen Moran)
Site specific textile interventions in science fiction book store

2009 – Alba ad Astra (with Writers’ Bloc)
photography and alternate history dossier on Scotland’s forgotten space programme