Knit Sew Rosie

Catherine Jackson

“Hand sewn & knitted crafts”

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About Knit Sew Rosie

Knit Sew Rosie

Designer of unique embroidery hoop art and passionate crocheter

Hello I m Catherine a busy mummy to my three beautiful children. I have always sewn and embroidered from a young age, many of my skills have been passed down from my granny and my mum. After having my children and becoming a full time mum, i found that i needed something to do to relax, unwind and escape the everyday hustle and bustle of family life. I took up my knitting needles (not forgetting to blow the cobwebs off!) and started knitting. My creating then started to take off and i settled into my own unique way of designing and creating.

My main passion is creating beautiful embroidery hoop art. I especially enjoy the free hand design aspect of my creations. I love these colour therapy books but get bored colouring them in, so instead i free hand draw some basic designs on my fabric and embroider and applique them in instead. I love combining textures and work a lot with buttons, beads, different fabrics, crochet and knitting all fused together to create my hoops.

I work from home in my own craft room which is full to bursting with fabrics and wool. I often can be found in local tea rooms with friends creating away. The beauty of my work is i can take it anywhere. People love to see creations in progress. I mainly make my hoop art however i am also an avid crocheter and make handbags, baby blankets and mandalas. I often make made to order knitted items (usually from a pattern) my latest being a Nativity Set. Everyones favorite item i make are the loverable sock monkies, these are always a big hit with children and adults alike.

Now for the odd bit Folksy are asking if i have any cats? So in response to this: yes i have three cats. I ve been told that is one short of qualifying for a mad cat lady!