“cup cosies and other small knitted creations, made while watching films and TV”

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Everything except pumpkins are shipped in letterbox friendly packaging so will just be popped through your door with the rest of your mail

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About KnitOnMyWatch


Mildly good at knitting

KnitOnMyWatch is a small not-for-profit shop selling small handknitted items, made while watching various films and TV shows. Half the profits are donated to the 4Louis Foundation and the Southampton Neonatal Unit, and the other half is used to purchase wool to knit items for the Southampton NICU. The whole shop is run by Sadie, who started knitting again in November 2019 as a way to spend less time aimlessly scrolling social media while relaxing in the evenings. Sadie chose these charities to support after the loss of her nephew Vinnie in 2015, her family having received incredible support from the NICU and a memory box from the 4Louis Foundation.