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Katharine Yelland Jewellery

Unique Silver Jewellery Designed and Handmade in the UK and suitable for Everyday Wear or Special Occasions

Hello, I'm Katharine Yelland and this is my Folksy shop!

I am a jewellery designer and goldsmith based in a small village in the Yorkshire Wolds near York, England and I have been designing and making jewellery for over 20 years.

I have always had the desire to be creative and spent most of my childhood drawing or making various things. My jewellery journey began after I finished an Art & Design course, I decided I wanted to combine my design skills with this love of making and having always loved jewellery I thought this could be just the thing for me. I attended a jewellery and silversmithing course. In the subsequent years I was then very fortunate to have been taught by two very well respected jeweller/goldsmiths.

My design style has changed over the years, my early work was a lot larger scale and was quite varied as I was still experimenting with techniques and materials, my first collections were based on organic forms namely plants and flowers.

My current work is more abstract in design and is characterised by strong shapes and contrasting surface textures and finishes. The featured collections were designed to be bold, beautiful yet still retain a visual delicacy. The inspiration for the 'Eclipse' collection came from a desire to capture how reflected light and shade play on differing textured surfaces from very smooth and glossy to textured rough surfaces. The result is the 'Eclipse' finish, each piece depicts the two resulting moods, but one side never eclipses the other - there is a sense of harmony and balance. ‘Blackwave’ was created to be elegant yet dramatic, this jewellery was designed for a woman who is confident in her own style and not afraid to show it and this was the inspiration, I also had already decided on the technique I wanted to use. I have used Repousse to create the 3D quality and texture and the silver is oxidised (blackened) to create the colour contrast and the unusual pattern. I love experimenting with different techniques and enjoy setting myself new creative challenges.

Each piece is made by hand by me in my studio in small batches or one-offs.
My priority is to design and make quality pieces of jewellery, which is why every step of the process is created by hand with the utmost care and attention to detail. I feel passionate about the jewellery I make and I just hope that people get as much pleasure wearing it as I have designing and creating it.

Visit my website at www.katharineyelland.co.uk