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“A selection of quality handmade items, all sewn, knitted and embroidered, by me in Kent.”

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KB Creations

I enjoy creating beautiful handmade items with my sewing, embroidery and knitting machines!

I first got hooked on knitting and sewing when I was at primary school, but my interest really took off when I bought my first knitting machine. For many years I knitted for family, friends and work colleagues. I then added an embroidery and sewing machine to my “den” and experimented with embroidery on knitwear. I now embroider on quilts, bags, knitwear and just about anything I can. If you see something in my shop, or my sold items, but would like more of them, or would like it in a different colour/size/fabric etc., please contact me to discuss.
All items are made by me at my home in Kent, England, using my sewing, knitting and embroidery machines, and then hand finished. I only use brand new, quality materials and branded threads. Most items are 'one offs' or are made in very small quantities, maybe 2 or 3, so if you are looking for something unique then KB Creations is the place to shop.
I love cats, and the colour purple, so you may see a theme there in my shop!
If you would like to keep up to date with what I'm doing next then click on the link below to my Facebook page and like my page. I update it regularly.
Thank you for visiting my shop and please come back soon!