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Hi, I'm Jo. Welcome to my shop. In it you'll find unique, handmade garden designs including mosaic bird baths, and other garden decorations. All designs are my own and are created by me, so you'll be buying something pretty unique, which will suit any style of garden, from traditional cottage to modern contemporary.

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Contemporary, original design, mosaic art for you, your garden and it's wildlife.

Hi, I'm Jo. I love my little garden and I love that I can attract wildlife into it. I also love finding unique and interesting designs on the bits and pieces I put in my garden too. So, when I was thinking of starting my own small business, I decided to combine all of these things.

I got a book and learnt how to make mosaic. Then I researched the best materials to use, and tested the materials out in my own garden to make sure they did what they said (and making sure they were wildlife friendly). And now I've created a range of original mosaic designs, inspired by nature and wildlife, that are designed to be pleasing for you to look at and provide decoration in your garden, designed to be something a bit different that you won't find anywhere else, and with some there's the added benefit that they will attract and help the wildlife in your garden too.

The bird baths will help your garden birds stay in tip top condition when they need to clean their feathers, and will provide a water stop that they will soon learn to come to, time and again. The bird baths and the water dishes also can be used on the ground for mammals, including hedgehogs who need our help as their numbers have been declining, and sometimes it's as simple as providing them some fresh water that they need.

So, if you love your garden, and it's wildlife too, I think I might have just the thing for you, go ahead and have a browse.