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“Dainty, hand crafted jewellery made with Sterling silver, Fine silver and a variety of gemstones.”

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Welcome to my shop.
New pieces i am working on...a wide band Sterling and Fine silver Rainbow moonstone ring with crescent moon and star embellishments.
Pendants...teardrop shaped Swiss Blue Topaz, Garnet and Amethyst dainty pendants, and fancy round Ametrine and Rainbow Moonstone gemstone pendants.

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About Pisces pieces jewellery

Pisces pieces jewellery

Welcome to my shop, I am a full time jewellery maker and designer living on Dartmoor.

Welcome to my world!
I am a full time, self employed jeweller and metal smith living in a very pretty location just outside of Lustleigh on Dartmoor.
My creative life started when I was quite young, my parents were keen watercolour and oil landscape artists, we always used to take walks on the moors, or by the sea for inspiration and fresh air.

After having a very mundane and boring job that I was miserable doing, I decided to make a drastic change in my life, to get back into being creative which I did by attending two college courses in metal smithing, this got me started in a big way by investing in the tools and materials I needed, now it's my life!

I enjoy working with Sterling and Fine silver most of the time and some Copper in my work, I recently took a small course working with Precious silver clay, I enjoyed this so much that I invested in my own kiln.
I also like to attend a Gem and bead festival twice a year, I find the vast array of stones and the colours of them really fires up the ideas for new jewellery pieces.

My recent major life change was my house move to my long time dream place, Dartmoor! I have always adored the wild and natural rugged beauty of it, it never fails to restore a calm and refreshed feeling when I venture out for a walk.