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“Nature is my inspiration.”

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About Hook and Loop

Hook and Loop

I have a passion for knitting and crocheting.

Welcome to Hook Loop Knits. I sell hand knitted and crochet home decor and lifestyle accessories.

Explore my collection of tea cozies, egg cosies, mug cosies, hot water bottle covers, gloves scarves, hats and lots more home accessories.

Many of my designs are one offs and can't be repeated as I love to play with oddments of yarn, leftovers etc. I think of myself as a yarn artist and not a manufacturer.

My collections are inspired by nature, and my autumn fall tea cozy has a beautifully hand knitted acorn and oak leaf. My other tea cosies are embellished with crochet flowers and knitted leaves. There is a collection of tea cosies, mug cosies and egg cosies with a christmas theme. These are embellished with crochet mistletoe and berries, and another one with a nordic pine christmas tree. I also have a few items that feature owls. A brown owl tea cosy and owl mug cosy.

There are lots of different colours of hand knitted fingerless gloves and scarves to keep you warm and cosy.

If you see anything that you might like in a different colour then please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for taking a look.