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About Hangersmith


Anthony and Hangersmith as Guest Artist at the Purbeck Artisan Yard in 2018

Thank you for your interest in Hangersmith and for visiting my shop

I love finding simple, but often unusual solutions to common problems.

This tends to involve a trip to my garden shed and bits of wood, metal or plastic (anything that will do the job really) and a look at how I'm going to do this... (my wife and children have to put up with all sorts of gadgets and "cunning plans" dotted around)

Sometimes, I look at an idea or solution and think "you know what, other people also have these problems... maybe they would like one of these too!"
This is how Hangersmith was born (lots more ideas to come but I want to get this one working first, hopefully to pay for the development of some of my other ideas).

One of the lovely things about this project has been the range of different businesses that have been involved in bringing the Hangersmith Hanger to life.
I buy my timber through a local carpenter in Poole; a chap in Poole who has a CNC machine cuts the rough shapes for me; a business in Loughborough makes my hooks; a business in Bournemouth laser cuts my logos and any personalisation onto the hangers, a company near Manchester makes my boxes, a company in Liverpool supplies my cords; a factory in Yiwu, China makes my Maple beads and puts my logo onto them. Then it all comes back to my shed (or my dining room table) in Wareham, Dorset for shaping, finishing and assembly.

Everything is made to my own registered design and specification.
As the business grows, I will get extra help and develop further but for now I am learning lots and celebrating every new member of the "Hangersmith Owners Club"

Any feedback about how you are using your Hangersmith Hangers and any ideas you may have about how we can make them better would be a great help so please share this with me

Better still, buy a Hangersmith Hanger for yourself or someone who has a collection of scarves, belts, ties, peak caps, bags and appreciates a novel solution to a common problem (this is a great gift for people who are hard to by for - you can even personalise it with your own design! - get hold of me and I will tell you how and how much)

I look forward to hearing from you

With best wishes