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“DIY Botanical Kits for home made gin and other spirits - no complicated equipment required”

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Make your own gin at home in 48 hours: No complicated equipment required

I love my gin but wanted to try different tastes and flavours without having to buy a whole new bottle each time. The result is my gin kits which I'm now sharing with your. They make an ideal small birthday or thank you gift and a great alternative to flowers on Mothers day or chocolates at Easter. We have a number of different flavours for you to try

All you need is a standard bottle of vodka. Add the packet of juniper berries to the vodka and leave for 24 hours.  Then add the remaining ingredients for a further 24 hours.  Strain out the spices and your gin is ready.  The botanicals will give the finished product a natural harmless golden hue (normally removed through distillation in commercially manufactured gins).

We've sourced spices from around the world to bring the art of gin making into the home.  The kit comes in a decorative natural kraft pillow box with a sachet of juniper berries, a sachet of other botanicals and full instructions inside and makes the perfect and unique gift for the gin lover in your life.