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Larryware & Wild-Art
Larryware & Wild-Art

Emily Clark

“Original & one of a kind, photography and hand painted, hand crafted jewellery, all in my studio in the wilds of North Devon.”

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Everything you see in my shop is handcrafted by myself, whether it's my own real painting or my own a real photograph - I am inspired by nature - and I try and list every single day! I'm hoping to add many more original paintings in the coming months!

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About Larryware & Wild-Art

Larryware & Wild-Art

Original hand painted quirky jewellery pieces and accessories, inspired by the love of nature and vivid colour

Folksy asks - do I have any cats? Well no is the answer - but I have a robin! That's far better! His name is Louie and he comes from a long line of robins - my jewellery business took his father's name ' 'Larry'(ware).

After leaving art college (BA & MA in Fine Art - yay, go me!) I left my hometown of London to live in the wilds and the beauty of North Devon - I am an artist and a wildlife photographer, does that equate to the same thing? I am not sure! I use all of my own individual skills to create wearable art! I love art and I love jewellery and I've put them both together!

It started with a robin - yes, 'Larry' - I knew him from a fledgling and took his photograph daily. He sadly disappeared a few years back and in order for me to cherish his memory forever, I decided to make one of his photographs I took (there were many to chose from!) and make myself a necklace - which sowed the seed for 'Larryware' - it's all a robins fault! After 4 years, almost 5 years in business (where did that time go?) it for me, is getting better and better and the ideas still come thick and fast!

I should really work in a nice studio space - but sadly I ran out of room there and now work where the light is best - in the conservatory! I do have plans to convert the garage into my studio, but that's a job for a rainy day and when I don't have jewellery pieces to paint!

I started just with my photo jewellery but then I decided to incorporate my paintings too and I've always been a one of a kind sort of person (!) and so everything I make now, is just that! It's not mass produced - although, when I'm having a productive day, I am amazed I can create so many items! I love to paint on paper, canvas, stone and wood - wood being my preferred surface for the moment, plus wood is very lightweight to wear! I enjoy painting in acrylics and these amazing uni posca pens, which are acrylic based and their colours so vivid and eye catching!

Back to the cats - no wait! The robin 'Louie' - I also take his photo every day and the birds you see included in my creations are either inspired by him, or by the blackbirds that follow in my wake begging for food... not to mention the sparrows and the wrens and recently Frank the starling! I also have a passion (slight addiction) with hares and foxes...

I am a very spontaneous artist with an absolute need to create daily and I really would like to drive this home - all my items are unique, ok, so some will be similar in style, but every single brush stroke and pen dash will be different every single time and I really don't believe in charging a lot of originality... Especially my own kind, as I am head over heels with what I do, and I really hope it shows!