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“I ❤️ Printmaking… ● If y'here via a QRcode on one of my belongings, & y'interested... tap me on m'shoulder ☺︎ ”

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These are Original Prints & therefore limited in number. They are entirely hand printed by me using traditional methods.

Each is Designed, LinoCut, Typeset, hand-torn to size & Hand Printed by me on my lovely old Adana Printing Press.

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About Elly Rowbotham Printmaker

Elly Rowbotham Printmaker

I adore printmaking..

I’ve stubbornly hauled my ancient Farley proofing-press which is still waiting for a shed! & my Type Drawers from home to home for decades, determined to keep hold of it all (regardless of the rest of life’s stuff!) with occasional dust-offs to print Xmas cards. And when I couldn’t print, I used a virtual LetterPress (iPad-App)…'That' was weirdly interesting... Now I’ve returned to Printmaking, full time, after a long circuitous route; dabbling in other media after studying fine art, then graphic design, teaching, best-of-all being-a-mum, etc. I’m so thrilled to be printmaking full time again & can’t figure out why I stopped doing it in the first place!

I love printmaking. The whole process from design to image. I love cutting blocks & mixing inky colours. I adore listening for the right inky sound & the feel of Rollering ink. Assembling my press is Exciting! …& then there’s my love for Typesetting & printing with Type...

I'm using traditional methods to produce original prints. Each is unique due to the Quirks of the HandMade.

My Prints are made from, LinoCut blocks which I build & cut (The Image) & typeset metal moveable type (The Text) on beautiful soft tactile Artist-paper. Each image is hand-printed by me using my small, yet amazing, Old Adana Platen Press (not the Farley).

Small editions ~ on a Small Press ~ in my Very-Small Print-room by the Celtic Sea! TheSmallPrinter☺︎

Click on each item in my shop to read what the inspiration was, often something Cornish. I’m ex-Porthleven living in St Ives!

Hope you love my Printmaking as much as I do…