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☛ 'The Aerialists' is now available Unframed or Framed - The Frame will be the same as in the picture ☚ Please see the Description & Choose Options. Don't hesitate to message me with any queries you may have ☺︎

Welcome to my to my printmaking shop. I'm passionately producing HandPrinted, Limited Edition Prints & Original Cards using traditional methods..

Please do have a good ol'explore... amongst the images are 'making' pics & each design has a story behind it, which I hope you'll enjoy reading about....

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Elly Rowbotham Printmaker

My HandMade prints are Original Artworks.

Each is unique due to the Quirks of the HandMade. I put equal focus & effort into my Cards as I do my Limited Edition Prints and consider the works to be of equal creative value. I use the same beautiful paper for both. I work from my small Print Studio in St Ives, Cornwall.

I adore printmaking & love colour. In my young printmaking life, I worked for an artist who produced handprinted postcards - I literally Hand Printed thousands! Every one inked by hand & hand-pulled on a roller press. During festival season I’d start at 9am & keep printing til midnight, occasionally dropping my head on the press for power naps! an endless quest for the Perfect Print.

I like to think my cards are a gorgeous Tactile Gift, made yours by your handwritten message (they’re blank inside). A traditional contrast to today’s intangible, frenzied digital, ephemeral, communications. Your Social Media Messages won't be discovered in a descendant's attic & your presence felt! I love trawling through local archives & feeling connected to authors of hand-scripted letters from past centuries. I imagine my cards sending handwritten messages into the future.

My Limited Edition Prints are more complex, at least 5 impressions. They take a lot of thinking time. Their creative value is not diminished by their size (slightly smaller than A5) I intend them to be affordable original artwork. I love seeing them framed, to know who is buying them & where they're going.

I’ve always drawn & created. I first went to art school to paint & printmake but eventually graduated from Falmouth with a Graphic Design BA (Hons). I build my own Lino blocks which I cut with my fave old tools (The Image) & typeset metal moveable type (The Text) on exquisite, soft tactile Artist-paper. Each image is hand-inked & hand-printed by me using my small, yet amazing, Old Adana Platen Press. An inking roller in my hand is a familiar natural extension.

The physical size of my work is limited by the size of my Press & Print Studio, which is a fascinating challenge I've grown to love. My larger press is in storage as I currently don't have the space for it, tho I'm very much enjoying my small print world.
Small editions ~ on a Small Press ~ in my Very-Small Print-Studio by the Celtic Sea! TheSmallPrinter☺︎

Click on each item in my shop to read what the story behind it is, often something Cornish. I’m ex-Porthleven living in St Ives!

So much to say! so little space, I need to start a blog...Hope you love my Printmaking as much as I do…