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“I ❤️ Printmaking… ● If y'here via a QRcode on one of my belongings, & y'interested... tap me on m'shoulder ☺︎ ”

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Limited Edition Original LinoCut Prints & Cards

Most greetings cards are 'reproductions' of an artwork. My cards are the Artwork! each is an Original Handprinted Linocut...

...as are my Original Limited Edition Prints. They are more complex to design, cut & print than the cards & are Numbered, Titled & Signed in the traditional convention.

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Elly Rowbotham Printmaker

I adore printmaking..

I’ve stubbornly hauled my ancient Farley proofing-press which is still waiting for a shed! & my Type Drawers from home to home for decades, determined to keep hold of it all (regardless of the rest of life’s stuff!) with occasional dust-offs to print Xmas cards. And when I couldn’t print, I used a virtual LetterPress (iPad-App)…'That' was weirdly interesting... Now I’ve returned to Printmaking, full time, after a long circuitous route; dabbling in other media after studying fine art, then graphic design, teaching, best-of-all being-a-mum, etc. I’m so thrilled to be printmaking full time again & can’t figure out why I stopped doing it in the first place!

I love printmaking. The whole process from design to image. I love cutting blocks & mixing inky colours. I adore listening for the right inky sound & the feel of Rollering ink. Assembling my press is Exciting! …& then there’s my love for Typesetting & printing with Type...

I'm using traditional methods to produce original prints. Each is unique due to the Quirks of the HandMade.

My Prints are made from, LinoCut blocks which I build & cut (The Image) & typeset metal moveable type (The Text) on beautiful soft tactile Artist-paper. Each image is hand-printed by me using my small, yet amazing, Old Adana Platen Press (not the Farley).

Small editions ~ on a Small Press ~ in my Very-Small Print-room by the Celtic Sea! TheSmallPrinter☺︎

Click on each item in my shop to read what the inspiration was, often something Cornish. I’m ex-Porthleven living in St Ives!

Hope you love my Printmaking as much as I do…