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“Great value, original art for your home. Luxury illustrated stationery and art gifts, drawn and painted with love and care. ”

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About Ella Johnston Art & Illustration

Ella Johnston Art & Illustration

Prints and gifts inspired by nature, illustrated with love.

Drawing has been my passion since I was a child. After years of giving my illustrations away as gifts for friends and family, I made the leap into turning my love affair with watercolour and ink into a business with my art print and stationery collection.

My work is influenced by vintage ornithological painting as well as the classic illustrations remembered from the treasured nature books of my childhood. Each drawing is originally created in watercolour and ink from my little art studio in the bottom of my garden.

My design philosophy is one of simplicity, harmony and elegance, using the clean, uncluttered composition that I think work really well in the contemporary home.